The Beachbody Why?

The Team Beachbody Why?


BBad 30

Do you know what these two ladies have in common?

Amy and friend


They were college dropouts who were on the road to being alcoholics, and working in dead end jobs. The one on the left (Team coach) is a millionaire at age 30 and a leader in the fight against obesity. The one on the right (just advanced her rank by helping more people!) just quit her job at the bakery 6 months into coaching under great leadership making $1000.00 per week. She’s 23! Her projection by age 30 is a multi-million dollar income being her own badass Girlboss self, living a life of health, gratitude and paying forward what brought her to the top.

I didn’t get into coaching for money whatsoever, I just wanted to hold myself accountable and make health and fitness a lifestyle…but the potential for success by simply helping people can’t be ignored. It’s not a dream – it’s hard work, dedication, consistency and having the courage to take a step in the direction that many dare not go.

I chose my team because I want what they have. A life where they are able to exercise their creativity, travel, get healthy, and help others to do the same. I love that they are able to fully be themselves and excel to the top of their business without having to alter their personalities or hide who they really are, but fully express themselves into being an agent of change and financially security.

Most people think you have to young to do this. I am no spring chicken. I am a grandmother and I can do it. All I had to do was stop making excuses and replace that with effort and here I am, on my way to living the way I want to a brighter future. Doesn’t matter what age you are you can do this.¬† If the idea of being your own boss or coaching has caught your eye and you’re doubting the idea, ask yourself again: What is it that you really want?

I’m training new coaches with the tools that those at the top have given me.

Message me for details and join me for a sneak peak starting this upcoming Monday!

E-mail me @ to learn how you can join the team.

Your Partner in health,

Debi  Team Beachbody


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