Shakeology and Diabetes

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Shakeology and Diabetes Shakeology is certified low glycemic. Why its 24 GI rating matters to you? The results are in. Shakeologyis now certified low glycemic. It’s another stamp of approval that Shakeology is good for you. But that’s not all. … Continued

Who Sabotages Your Diet Plans Part 1

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  Who Sabotages Your Diet Plans       Money conflicts are common among couples—they may even be the leading cause of fights. But did you know many couples also have fights about food on a daily basis? In fact, … Continued

Damage to Teeth

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Foods That Damage to Teeth   Just how bad are these foods for your teeth? Damage repairs are in most cases are very costly. Try to stop damage to your teeth early.   What you eat matters: While these hard … Continued

Diabetes and Shakeology

Diabetes and Shakeology   I have had so many people asking me about drinking Shakeology when they have diabetes. Here are some facts that will help you understand what Shakeology my do for those of you that are suffering with … Continued

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