Why We Join Team Beachbody Coach?

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Why we join Team Beachbody Coach – testimonial  – Maggie ‎

“I woke up today in a surreal moment. I very vividly remember 2 years ago when I was a few months into coaching and made the decision that I was going to REALLY do this and make it my full time job. I remember thinking, if i could just make $500/week with this i would be happy. That’s all i wanted, $500/wk. That means i would be able to quit being a waitress forever. Even if i never made more than $500/week i would still be SO HAPPY about being my own boss.

Today, i checked and I earned $647.47 this week.

I cant believe that this moment is here. I really earn a living working from home, for myself, on my watch. No more getting stiffed by shitty guests, no more having food sent back and it being “my fault” and people complaining about the restaurant. No more being SO busy on a Friday night that i want to break down and cry. I am so happy i could burst.”

I am not here to tell you it is easy but I will tell you it is worth it.. Not only do you get to change your lifestyle, your health, they way you help others but you can and will earn a living working as a health coach for Team Beachbody.

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Your Partner in health,


My Story- Fad Diet-Bad Diet

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Growing up in Michigan, my house was positioned not far from a McDonalds. It was a little after they started opening up all across the US. We all thought that it was amazing. Fast food.. costing about $10.00 for the whole family of 5 and Mom didn’t have to cook. When my Mom did cook (which let me tell she didn’t do very well) Always had meat, potatoes, veggies, and some times bread and dessert.

You see my Mom was always very thin so she didn’t think about health and weight. Growing up, I was always on the go.. We didn’t spend time sitting around the house. If you weren’t cleaning your room or doing homework you were outside riding your bike or just running around the neighborhood, I was lucky I had my cousins living close so we always had someone to play with. We had the worst possible eating habits, and both sides of my family were genetically thin, I think.. The only person in my life that was over weight was my grandmother on my mothers side.

I was very thin until I was about 14 or 15 then the weight started to come on. Slowly, but it was coming, didn’t think much about it. It levelled off around 18 which I didn’t think was bad. I got married and all of my married friends were thin. That is when it hit me.. I had to change something. I started on the Diet yo-yo plans. Please, I started by starving.. my Mom use to tell me that the people in the Concentration Camps (I know terrible thing for her to say) where not fat. So just stop eating. It worked for awhile.. losing weight, looking good. but it didn’t work for long, so I went to Weight Watchers ( surprise surprise.. I put on 5 pounds the first week and almost five pounds a week for a month) Stopped that.. didn’t work..

By the time I had finished nursing school and started work.. Still over weight.. a new diet pill came on the market.. Wow! what a miracle, I thought. You know the one, Phen/Phen it was called.. I lost a lot of weight under a doctors care, of course. I was back to what I weighed at 14. Loving it. Then they took it off the market.. bad for you, everyone said. Was killing people.. heart problems.. I had none of that but it was gone. Kept that weight off until I had my first child.

Pregnant, I packed on the pounds.. After I had my beautiful daughter I couldn’t get the weight back off. Everyone said breastfeed for as long as you can. The weight will come off? Nope it didn’t..Went back to work.. still over weight and very unhappy. You know the feeling.

Next came the new fad diet.. Liquid protein diet. Amazing it worked.. I had 2 ozs of liquid protein 5 times per day.. it tasted terrible but it worked, anything to get the weight off. Back to my lowest weight and loving me again.



Then came the next baby.. weight came back on but more this time.. Really hating myself this time.. Depressed and angry.. My dear sweet mother-in-law.. packed me up with her and we went to the Canyon Ranch in Arizona. There we took classes on eating, exercising and had wraps, massages, etc.. We spent 2 weeks. It was wonderful and I did lose some weight.. about 10 pounds.. Got home and stayed on their program for about 6 months.. It was hard feeding a family and staying on my eating plan.. I don’t have to tell you what happened. Weight came back. So back to another plan.. lets see what it will be this time.. Jenny Craig..packaged meals .. what can go wrong with this?.. First, I hated the meals, they didn’t taste good. I still have to cook for my family and I had another baby..

Now, I was at my heaviest.. hating myself again..What was next for me?.. I continued to take weight off and put it back on for years.. Every special occasion I would work hard to get some weight off just for it to come back after.

Next step: My daughters wedding.. ouch.. I was not going to be the fat mother.. So off I went again looking for that miracle diet. What did I find you are asking yourself..looks like I have tried them all. Let me tell you there were others along the way.. How about the grapefruit diet.. the Atkins Diet? I hope you will understand by now there are no miracles.

What did I find this time?.. Well the HCG diet.. I went to a weight loss clinic and I started. Was limited to 500 – 800 calories per day, no carbs, no fats, and taking an injection every day. The weight dropped off fast.. I even started walking 3 miles per day. This was very important to me. I drop 32 pounds in 3 months.. was not feeling to bad about the way I looked. I don’t know how I made it that long but I did.

Diabetes injecting insulin syringe shot by single use small needle with dose of lantus 2 inches away from belly button isolated on a white background
HCG Injections

The wedding was beautiful and all went well.

Now, why am I telling you all this because all was going well as long as I stayed on the HCG. Once I stopped the weight came back. It took in a year and a half but it was back. The reason why none of these diets work is because they never teach you anything. No support, no accountability, no coaches help, no real eating, no real food.

This had to stop..About a year ago, my daughter who had weight problems herself and followed me into many of these so called miracle diets started with Beachbody and because of how well she was doing losing and keeping the weight off eating real food, no starving, no diet pills, no wraps, patch’s, no teas, coffees etc. . I joined her.. That is where my learning began.

I will tell you in my next article what I have been learning and why I became a Beachbody coach.

Trust me, if we could make the change, so can your family!


Your Partner in Health,



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