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 So, What am I all about?

Health Coach

I am married, mother of 3 and have 2 beautiful grandchildren. Have a lot of steps… About them later..  A Retired Registered Nurse (Specializing in Pediatrics and Nutrition), Online Entrepreneur, Coach for Team Beachbody, a Leader and Business Builder from the Tampa, Florida area.

Coach and mentor to people who are looking for a better life and future.  The Author of several websites.

Fit At Any Age Mission- I make a difference by helping people to enjoy a healthier lifestyle- both physically and financially, to the world that is going wild.

The Products- Our line of organic, all-natural products and easy to prepare recipes appeals to all audiences (everyone loves to eat!) Made for real people with real lives.  I believe in taking the word DIET out of your vocabulary and adding healthy living.

The Income- I set my own hours and enjoy and unlimited earning potential…Hello, financial freedom!

The Perks- I have more time and money to spend on the people and things that matter most to me, not to mention the friendships and personal growth I’ve gained from growing my very own business!

The Support- My success matters to Beachbody, who offer step by step training, useful technology and real-time.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that both of my jobs have revolved around helping people. I have always tried to help encourage my family and friends to be healthy with me. I remember in school, I was a thin kid, my friends and family called me, legs, because I had these long thin legs. Some people think me crazy because now that I am retired I have taken my passion to a whole new level. I am all about fitness at any age. It is never too early or late to start.

I have friends that say I am to old to change what I am. My answer is NO.. never give up on being the healthiest you can be. Just because you are skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy.

I just want one day for someone to look at me and say because of you I didn’t give up.

See you on the inside,

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